We Keep Your Data Protected

gini was designed with advanced technologies that work together to constantly monitor, encrypt and update. We do not require the user to disclose any personally identifiable information to use the app.

It's all about you.

gini only gives you the ability to see where your money is going. It’s entirely up to you how much information you want gini to track and process for you.

From the gini interface, neither you nor anyone can move or withdraw money from your gini account.

We take care of it.

We take the security of your information very seriously. To protect your data, we never store your credentials. To protect your identity, we collect the minimum amount of personal information possible in order to create an anonymous private experience.

Data, read-only.

gini keeps your information safe while you take control over your finances. No one, even you, can make changes to your bank accounts or credits cards through gini.

Read more about how we help you use aggregated data and our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Bank-level security

Powered by Salt Edge, the Global trusted guardian of banking data for major international banks including Societe Generale, BBVA, ING and more – your information is safeguarded.

All of our technology uses 256-bit encryption. With Amazon Web Services’ SSL Certificates, we make sure that your device is securely connected

Private and secure

Hong Kong has some of the most thorough e-banking and data privacy regulations in the world. These rules exist to keep you and your data safe, and gini is proud to have delivered a private and secure smart spending-tracker, built from the ground up to satisfy local regulations.

We go the extra-mile to ensure your data and information remains both private and secure.

Nobody at gini has the ability to access or view your credentials, ever. We don’t store your credentials on our servers, ever.

Simple and safe

Log in with your fingerprint securely and easily, with just one tap.

Are you the lucky owner of an iPhone X series? We support Face ID.


Security FAQs
Is it safe to connect my banks?

We take security as top priority and understand that financial data is highly private. When you sign up to the app we don’t ask for a name, address, HKID or anything personally identifying. Where possible, we keep all sensitive data on the users device as opposed to our server – and key information like bank log-in credentials never are stored on our service. In addition to this, gini is a read-only service so nobody can move money in or out of your account (including you)

Why does gini need my banking login information?

Our business model relies on anonymised and aggregated user data, including transactions, to deliver personalised services. This transaction information does not include any personally identifiable information.

When you provide your bank username and password, this simply establishes a secure one-way read-only connection with your bank allowing gini to download your transactions, balances, and bill due dates on your behalf, securely and automatically. This connection is between your bank and your phone, and at no point do your username or password leave your device. This connection also does not allow for any transfers as it is read-only.

Where does gini store the data?

We are fully compliant with all data protection guidelines in Hong Kong, and this will be outlined in detail in our privacy policy which we encourage all users to read closely. All personally identifiable information collected, including your username and password, are stored on your own device only and at no point touch our server. Storing the data on your own device rather than a service is a key component of our service being able to guarantee anonymity and security.

Smart is simple. Stay on track with your effortless spending-tracker.
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